How About the Rules?

It is important to synchronize online safety rules at home and at school. Children need to feel that rules in school strengthen or complete those at home. This is essential because nowadays, schools are taking a more active role in the enforcement of rules regarding online activities. Before children enter school, parents should have prepared them for their new situation.

Children who are exposed to following internet rules at home will find it easy to obey those of the school. It is best for parents to set up policies of their own at home so that children do not feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Of course, different schools have different internet rules, but giving children the “feel of it” will help them to become more compliant.

As a general observation, schools would revise their policies for several reasons. They do so because of the reactions of parents, which could range from rules being too lax or too limiting. Another reason could be the general conduct of children in a particular school. This is greatly dictated by the socio-economic conditions of the families to which these children belong. To keep with it, schools have to go by the generally accepted standards of online behavior. It cannot be denied that some schools sould lay down internet rules that are non-negotiable and are never compromised.

It is imperative for parents to be acquainted with the internet rules of the school that their child will be, or is already enrolled in. Even so, at home, they should first examine what goes on between them and their children. First is whether or not they have guided their children to healthy and age-appropriate content online. If children are given this guidance, they will find it easier to accept restrictions than those who are left on their own.

Next is to find out if what their child is doing at home could give him or her problems if he or she did the same at school. If there is any question, parents should be quick in finding ways to do away with it or at least reduce it. Finally, they have to ascertain if they have stressed upon their child the fact that online actions would also manifest in his or her actions at school. Children should accept that they cannot disconnect their habits in the digital world from that in the real world. Parents should view this as a task that they need to take to heart.

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